"Jhosen-ji" Temple ~Beautiful Harmony with Flowers, Plants, Bonsai and Temple~

Which temples do you know in Japan?

Senso-ji temple in Asakusa? Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto?

They are very famous and the place you should go but now I want to introduce "Jhosen-ji" temple.

This is not popular and not so big one but very beautiful temple. This temple is called as "Flower Temple".

I visited here in the beginning of May so I felt this is "Botanic temple". 

From the entrance of the temple, deep green color trees grow thickly and you can see many kinds of plants in the temple.

 The below picture, the color of only new leaves is red.  

You must notice that there are lots of "Rakan-sama" which is Buddha in Japan. We believe that "Rakan-sama" relieve the people.

The interesting thing is there are various kinds of "Rakan-sama". One is laughing, one is crying, one is angry. 

Some people might be interested in Bonsai.

You can find it as well.

This temple is like a garden!

The reason why temple is very clean and beautiful is that the lady has kept gardening every day!

She picks the weeds from the potted plants and keeps the garden of temple beautiful.

In May, you can enjoy seeing the flowers such as wisteria, sakura, blue flag and so on...

This temple is not big but if you take time to see the flowers and plants, it takes about 30 minutes.

You might have an illusion to be in the mountain or to walk in the forest. Actually I did!

It was fun to see around the temple garden and took many photos!

If you discover the unknown temple and you like nature or flowers, please visit here!

Access: Tokyo( Shinjyuku station) to Koza-shibuya station 

             Odakyu like /50mins/ ¥500 one way

            Koza-shibuya station to Jhosen-ji

            10mins walk

            AM9:00~16:30/ entrey fee ¥300

HP:  http://www.jousenji.com/main/english/english.html

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