What is "Sashiko"? It is a Japanese Traditional Stitching!

"Sashiko" is an art which is born in the people's life.

When I visited Hida-Takayama which is in Gifu prefecture located in centre of Japan, I found the Sashiko shop. 

It is said that Hida area has mountainous so the transportation was limited 100 years ago. That is why the people of this area had to use the few available resources to create goods.

So the people especially ladies dyed the cotton and made their cloths by themselves.

However the ladies did not know the skill of dying the design to cloths, they made stitching their favorite designs or patterns.

This stitching makes the cloths stronger and is the way which the people make themselves dressed up!

Now there are various kinds of products are made and all are hand made.

You can see the colorful coasters in the main photo.  They have bookmarks, curtains, cloths and so on...

Please have them in your daily life!

Also you can try to have the work shop if you want. (¥1,500, 30 mins)

access: Tokyo- Takayama station

            by highway bus, 5H ¥5,500~

            by Shinkansen, 4H ¥14,000 

HP: http://www.hidanet.ne.jp/~sashiko/ (Japanese only)

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