These Are the Scenic Spots of Mt. Fuji !!

Do you love Mt. Fuji?

Yes, We do! 

So do you know where you can see the best Mt. Fuji?

I will introduce some spots which I have ever seen.

① From the rooftop of Fujisan station

There is a Fujisan station on the Fujikyu-line and get off the train. You see the station building. Please go up to the rooftop, There is a viewing deck.

You can see the perfect Mt. Fuji from here! I guess the many foreigners do not know here so not crowded and you can take lots of good photos.

② From Kawaguchiko lake, Fivestar hotel UBUYA.

Nowadays, a lot of foreigners visit Kawaguchiko lake. 

You can see the Mu. Fuji which is reflected on the lake from the room. It is amazing! However it depends on the weather so if you are lucky, you can see it! HP:

Like a mirror!

After sunrise

③ From the Honcho street in Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture

If you get off the train at the Fujisan station, please walk around there.

There is a main street which is called Honcho street. The symbol of this street is "Kanadorii". This is kind a gateway to the shrine.

Please see Mt. Fuji through the "Kanadorii". It looks mysterious view.

Go up the Honcho street. Then you will reach the "Sengen shrine".

④ From Oishi park, Kawaguchiko lake

I was not lucky so I could not see the nice view of Mt. Fuji with beautiful flowers but if you are lucky, you can see the scenic view. You see the different kinds of flowers like purple, pink and red... good match with Mt. Fuji. Please check what kind of flower you can see when you visit.

When I visited there, it was winter so no flowers and cloudy...not good timing!


⑤ From the Arakurayama-sengen park, Shimoyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture

I do not need to say this is the best spot because here is now very famous spot to take picture of Mt. Fuji. But it is difficult to take photos of PERFECT Mt. Fuji. The weather is changeable in this area. I was unlucky again..

You have to go up many stairs... (Japanese only)

Please visit there and take the lovely photos! 

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