Feel Nature in Tokyo! Let's Walk the Rock Garden Trail.

Can you believe that you can feel the amazing nature in Tokyo?

I love Okutama area in Tokyo. There are some mountains and trecking courses.

It takes about 1.5 hours from Shinjyuku(one of the main station in Tokyo) to Okutama area.

Today's course:

Shinjyuku station → Mitake station (Chuo line express)

Mitake station → Cable car Mitake station (bus)

Cable car Mitake station → trecking course 

This course is very flat so the beginners can enjoy walking as well.

In May, you can see the sprouting!

Green! Green! Green!

It was the beginning of May. I surrounded the green!

Just after the rain, the trees were fresh. It was a bid cold but the fresh air made me relieved.

If the course is really hard, you might not have the effort to see around but here it is a easy way so you can enjoy taking photos or look around you!


The highlight is "Rock Garden".

Actually this "Rock Garden" is an artificial. It was made about 85 years ago! It has been for a long time since this was made so now it looks like natural, I think it is already natural at this stage.

The rock steps lead you to the green forest...

At the begining of May, the petal of cherry blossom are on the rock.

Walk up along the stream. Very clear stream, moss on the rocks and tress...This is the best hiking course!!

If you like nature, green and trecking, I really recommend Okutama area.

Please try to hike in Tokyo!

I can take you here if you want. Looking forward to it!

HP: https://www.omekanko.gr.jp/course/mitake-mountain-hiking/

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