Discover Fujiyoshida City Which Is at The Foot of Mt. Fuji

"Kanadorii" is a Symbol of Fujiyoshida City

This shrine gate which is called "Kanadorii" is the symbol of Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi Prefecure. As you know, Mt. Fuji is surrounded Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture. Fujiyoshida city is at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

This "Kanadorii" is on the Honcho street in Fujiyoshida city. If you go there by train, you should get off at Fujisan station. It takes about 5 minutes from the station to "Kanadorii". You can see the very beautiful Mt.Fuji through this shrine gate.


I have grown in this city from 5 to 10 years old. It snowed a lot in winter because this city is 800 meters above. So if you visit in winter, you should have down jacket! Even summer, it is cooler( about 23 degrees) so 4-5 degrees lower than Tokyo.

These days, Kawaguchiko city is getting popular for tourists. Kawaguchiko city is next to Fujiyoshida city. You can see the nice view with Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko but this time, I want to recommend to visit my hometown Fujiyoshida city.

Sengen Jinjya (shrine) was the Start Point to Go Up To Mt.Fuji

Going up the Honcho street, turn left and walk about 5 minutes, you will see the "Sengen jinjya (shrine)". I think this shrine is very solemnly and the air is different, very cold and clear.

I really recommend to visit this shrine.

When you pass the gate, you will see the straight street to the main shrine. You might feel you walk in the forest. 

When you walk in the main shrine, you will see the "God tree". This is a cedar and about 1,000 years old. Some people pray in front of this big tree. 

Actually there is another big tree so you must get power from these "God trees".


Try "Yoshida Udon (noodle)"

After visiting Sengen jinjya (shrine), let's try Fujiyoshida popular food, "Yoshida Udon (noodle)" for lunch!

"Arakuraya" is the "Yoshida udon" restaurant which is popular in this area. This restaurant is in the owner's house. You might feel like staying in Japanese friend's house!

This is very closed to Arakurayama shrine. I do not write about this shrine here because this is too popular so most of you may know. Arakurayama shrine is on the main cover of michelin guide book.

This is a menu as below. All menu are very reasonable. You can choose the small or large size. The restaurant recommend the "Nikuten udon" which is the middle top of this menu. This is udon with beef and Tempura.

when I visited here, "Nikuten Udon" was sold out so I ordered the "niku udon" which is udon with beef. The taste is simple and good-old. 

Enjoy "Izakaya" which is the Japanese Restaurant and Bar : "IRORI"

"IRORI" looks like a traditional Japanese restaurant and bar on the outside. In the dark night, the "Chochin" which is a Japanese traditional light is remarkable so you can find it easily.

First of all, "IRORI" gives you a cup of Japanese sake. It shows that you are warmly welcomed and the time you spend here will link to the better future.

Cheers for our brilliant future!

Then, try Sashimi and the other Japanese food. All are taste good and there are lots of very nice Japanese sake!

Finally, I really recommend to eat "Ramen". There are many Ramen restaurants in Japan but sometimes the Ramen you eat in "Izakaya" is much better taste. This Ramen is very delicious (salt taste) so please order at last.

Solemn and Mysterious Spring Water Pond "Oshino Hakkai"

There are the spring water ponds, "Oshino Hakkai" in 25 minutes by train from Fujisan station, Fujiyoshida city. It is a natural monument and that emits a water source to the subsoil water of Mt. Fuji. 

As you know Mt. Fuji is certified as a World Heritage Site and "Oshino Hakkai" is part of this.

"Oshino" is a name of this area and "Hakkai" means eight sea(pond). 

You can see the eight spring ponds which are very very deep and clear blue.

Why do you think "Oshino Hakkai" is solemn and mysterious?

Here was a sacred place and also the people performed purify themselves with water.

These histories and the legend made "Oshino Hakkai" solemn and holy.

Visit here and see them by yourself. 


Japanese Sake Production Company 

"Kai no Kaiun" from Ide Brewery

It was on 10th February 2019. I was so lucky that the event of "Kagami Biraki" was held in this Japanese sake production company at Ide Brewery in Kawaguchiko city, Yamanashi Prefecture. The reason why I was lucky is that this is event took place only once a year!

This event of "Kagami Biraki" is the traditional celebration to drink and talk all together. "Kagami" means "mirror". The top of the sake barrel is called mirror because the shape of the top of sake barrel is flat and circle.

"Biraki" means "open" so Kagami Biraki means open the top of sake barrel.

This event is making communication with enjoying Japanese sake.

Many local people gather and bring some foods. The people can drink fresh Japanese sake at the reasonable price like ¥100 or ¥200 per cup.

This brand name of Japanese sake is "Kai no Kaiun".

"Kai" is the old name of this area and "kaiun" means "good luck".

These words start from "Kai" so this name is like rhyming.

The specialist of making sake gives you a cup of very fresh sake from this big bucket.

In this event, we can try to get the sake lees as much as possible as below photo.

As I write, this event is held only once a year but you can see in the production company whenever you want. please have a check it and enjoy tasting Japanese sake!


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