Season of Ayu (Sweetfish) Fishing! Enjoy Nature in Hida!

Here is a very small village Sugihara Miyagawa in Hida city, Gifu prefecture which is in the middle of Honsyu. Only 50 people live in this area. 

This time, we visited there to go fishing and stay at the local people's house. 

It takes about 5-6 hours from Tokyo by bus. You can also visit by train.

In this area, you can get Ayu (sweetfish) from July to September.

These days it is difficult to get the natural Ayu but here we can do that!

The local people take the young of Ayu from the Lake Biwa which is the biggest one in Japan and disseminate to this river in spring and start to hook in July.

There are some professional fishermen and they helped us to get Ayu.

Professional Ayu fisherman

Some of us was able to get Ayu shortly but some was not anything. We hook it by using a decoy Ayu. The fishermen told us it depends on where we get the position, that is important. Also it depends on the time or water temperature. 

How many can you get??

As you see, this village is surrounded by a lot of green, nature and beautiful river. There is a hot springs and manga library so you can spend the time for relaxing.

One more thing, we enjoyed staying at the local peoples's house ( called "Mimpaku").

The house is traditional and the local people are calm and kind. It is good to communicate with the local people. We felt that they were warmly welcomed us! 

This stay is like "retreat". By having the time of leaving the dairy life, we can RESET both mind and body.  

If you are interested in visiting this village or staying their houses, please feel free to contact me. I can arrange for you

photos by CHIHARUKAI(photoglamour)

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