Tokyo Tourist Spot: Team Lab Digital Art Museum

When you come to Tokyo but if it rains, you might think " I do not want to walk around". 

I this case, this art museum makes you happy. However one thing you should be care is that here is very popular place so you have to line up for waiting. It depends on the day and time but when the writer visited, I lined up for about 1,5 hours even I had the ticket in advance (if not, wait more)because this day was the middle of 3-day-holidays ( saturday, sunday and monday is a national holiday) and moreover, it was just after the day of the Rugby World Cup final game. Maybe that is why it was so crowded.

I recommend to get the ticket in advance.

You can enter the "borderless world". There are many ways to go forward so you can choose which way you go forward. Do not attack the wall! The digital art on the wall and floor. Be careful when you walk and find the way and door. If you find the new room, you will see the different new world!

If you have children, they also can enjoy here because...

The painting/picture which the children draw can FLY on the wall in front of you! So excited, isn't is? That is the dream which they have. Of course not only children but the adults can do that. Please try this fantastic activity!

Some people who are addicted to update on Instagram try to take many impressive pictures here.

We can see the interesting digital art world but actually not only seeing but also can touching and make the art changing by our action. That is really amazing.

Here is a new tourist spot in Tokyo for foreigners as well as Japanese. 


ticket: ¥3,200 for adult, ¥1,000 for child

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