Tradition & Innovation! The Japanese Kitchen Knives from Tsubame-sanjo, Niigata Prefecture

Tojiro factory is in Tsubame-sanjo city, Niigata prefecture which is south-west of Honshu along the Japan sea.

This city is an industrial cluster area of cutting tools, work tools, metal tableware and other products.

Tojiro was established in 1953 and started to product and distribute of cooking knives and cooking tools.

This is a entrance. It looks like a knife, isn't it?

There is a knives gallery, factory and atelier. Here everyone can see the factory.

There are various kinds of wooden pattern for knives! How come?

Because they make knives from folding the ONE metal plate instead of welding. This is very hard but the professional craftsmen in Tsubame-sanjo which is famous for metal processing can make it. 

Now there are about 100 craftsmen and they are proud of their knives. They just keep trying and concentrating on their work.

Gloves tell that how he works hard.

Tojiro combines with traditional technique and modern automation. You can see the hand made procedures as well as the manufacturing process in this factory.

When I visited there, it was raining. There are few people in the knives gallery but in the factory, only me had a look at their work. 

The route was clear and each section has the explanation. They have QR code for specific words as well. I think they are friendly for the visitors, not only Japanese but foreigners. 

There are many kinds of knives in the gallery so you can find what you want!

Also you can do the maintenance your knives such as re-sharpening and the engrave.

If you are interested in Japanese table knives and you want to see the craftsmen's skill, please visit here!

They just face to the knives, they just face to their skills. 


about Tsubame-sanjo:

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